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    Bishop of Quebec Authorizes Gay Blessings

    By George Conger, Anglican Ink - December 1, 2012

    The Bishop of Quebec has authorized his clergy to perform rites for the blessing of same-sex unions. In his presidential address to the 2-4 Nov 2012 diocesan synod held in Quebec City, Bishop Dennis Drainville said he would “like to proceed in the Diocese of Quebec, as several other Canadian dioceses have done, to provide both a rite of blessing and pastoral support for persons living in committed, same-gender relationships.” [Read Full Story]


    Catholic Church smooths way for disaffected Episcopalians

    By Dan Gilgoff, Religion Editor - November 16, 2011

    The Roman Catholic Church is establishing a program to help disaffected American Episcopalians to join the Catholic fold – including married Episcopal priests who want to become Catholic priests – it announced Tuesday.

    The move comes after dozens of Episcopal parishes have left the Episcopal Church in recent years over what they allege is the mother church’s liberal drift, which they say is most dramatically reflected in its ordination of openly gay clergy.

    The new Catholic program will allow groups of Episcopalians to become Catholic and to recognize the pope as their leader, yet have parishes that retain Anglican rites. [Read Full Story]

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    British Same-Sex Couples Allowed To Host Civil Unions In Churches, But Anglicans Refute Ruling

    By Al Webb, Religion News Service - November 2, 2011

    LONDON - The British government said Wednesday (Nov. 2) that same-sex couples will be allowed for the first time to use churches to seal their civil partnership vows, starting in December.

    But the directive added that no religious group will be forced to conduct or host such a ceremony, and the Church of England quickly announced it would permit no such rites on its premises.

    In a statement, the church said it "has no intention of allowing civil partnerships to be registered" in its churches. [Read Full Story]


    US bishop ends ban on blessing of same-sex couples - June 9, 2011

    By Riazat Butt

    A bishop in the US Episcopal church has authorised the use of blessings for same-sex couples, breaking a ban on one of the most divisive issues affecting the Anglican communion.

    Chester Talton, from the diocese of San Joaquin, in California, has told clergy they may perform blessings of "same-gender civil marriages, domestic partnerships and relationships which are lifelong committed relationships characterised by fidelity, monogamy, mutual affection and respect [and] careful, honest communication". [Read Full Story]

    Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images


    MP’s fear that Jerusalem will become a ‘gay’ hymn

    The Church of England - May 27, 2011

    Government regulations on same-sex marriages will lock the hymn Jerusalem into a gay ghetto, a Labour MP told the House of Commons last week.  On May 19 the member for Rhondda, Mr. Chris Bryant, asked that time be set aside for a debate on the Government’s policy of singing Jerusalem at weddings.

    A number of cathedrals and parish charges have banned Jerusalem as being xenophobic, nationalistic, and because the words written by William Black over 200 years ago do not praise God. [Read Full Story]