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    Gay unions are ‘God’s will’, Brazilian archbishop says

    The Church of England Newspaper - May 27, 2011

    Anglican leaders in Brazil have divided sharply over that country’s Supreme Court ruling recognizing same-sex unions. On May 5 the Federal Supreme Court (STF) held the right to freedom of expression should be construed to include the choice of sexual conduct, and authorized gay civil unions.

    On May 16, the primate of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil, (IEAB), Archbishop Maurício de Andrade lauded the decision as an “important advance in our society” for “equality and citizenship.” [Read Full Story]


    Pastor: Opposition to same-sex weddings 'born out of ignorance'

    The Desert Sun - May 24, 2011

    By Amelia Hadley

    The Coachella Valley's largest church serving the gay community has a new, vocal pastor who says he wants to press for marriage equality “at every opportunity.”

    “The whole idea that someone can't marry the person they love is born out of ignorance,” said the Rev. Clinton Crawshaw, 41, the new pastor of Metropolitan Community Church of the Coachella Valley in Cathedral City. [Read Full Story]


    Uganda's anti-gay bill is far from dead; It may be temporarily off the parliamentary agenda, but local Anglican support for the Ugandan anti-gay bill continues - May 11, 2011

    By Simon Sarmiento

    The infamous Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill, which earlier this week was thought likely to be voted upon on Wednesday as the current session of the Uganda parliament draws to a close, does not now appear on the order paper for the day. The bill, which is technically still at the committee stage, could, however, be carried forward into the next session of parliament.

    Twitter and Facebook have been awash with links to petitions such as 12 hours to stop Uganda's anti-gay bill or Uganda: Stop the "Kill the Gays" law now. The foreign secretary, William Hague, even wrote on Twitter: "We oppose this Bill and will continue to raise our concerns with Ugandan Government. We urge Ugandan MPs to reject it [...] Our embassy is lobbying Ugandan gov & the UK initiated a formal EU demarche to the Ugandan foreign minister on the bill." [Read Full Text]


    As Archbishop Desmond Tutu Retires, Remembering His Gay Rights Legacy


    Breakaway Groups Prevented Anglican Split, Nigerian Primate Suggests

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