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    Baptist church ordains gay man, asked to leave Baptist group

    By Sarah Bloom, NBC12 - October 12, 2012

    RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A local church could get kicked out of a Virginia Baptist organization for ordaining an openly gay man. The Baptist General Association of Virginia says it doesn't want people in leadership who are gay and acting on it.

    Ginter Park Baptist Church in Richmond has been affiliated with the Baptist group for almost 100 years. Now, they're being asked to stop affiliation with the group, because of who they're letting lead the church. If they don't withdraw by December, they will get kicked out.

    The BGAV says it will stop accepting money from Ginter Park Baptist Church, because the organization says it does not want to support this church's decision. [Read Full Story]


    'Righteousness' rally sparks Seville Square debate

    By Rhema Thompson, Pensacola News Journal - July 2, 2012

    On a sweltering Monday afternoon, two groups stood juxtaposed in Seville Square.

    One group held signs with appeals for righteousness; a smaller group displayed banners with pleas for equality.

    And all the while, prayers and praises to God could be heard from both groups.

    At noon, a large crowd gathered for “Stand 4 Righteousness” — a rally in response to Mayor Ashton Hayward’s proclamation in support of the 3rd annual Pensacola Pride Festival held at Seville Square on June 10-17. [Read Full Story]

    Photo by Ben Twingley


    Gay minister makes way in Baptist Church

    The Courier-Journal - July 1, 2012

    He stood over his grandmother’s grave and in the gray drizzle, pulled a white piece of paper from his pocket.

    “A Service of Ordination for Maurice ‘Bojangles’ Blanchard ... May 27, 2012 ... Highland Baptist Church — Louisville, Kentucky”

    “Grandmama,” he said, setting the announcement on her headstone. “If you could see me now.” [Read Full Story]

    Photo by Alton Strupp, The Courier-Journal


    Pastor couple aims to create dialogue on homosexuality in conservative churches

    By Joan Mead-Matsui, Abington Journal - November 16, 2011

    SCRANTON- Their travels have taken them around the world to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Uganda, Kenya, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico and India, where they visited churches or groups of fellowship of evangelical gay Christians.

    Rev. Stephen R. Parelli and Jose Enrique Ortiz, a Baptist pastor couple from the Bronx, were first invited to India for the summer of 2010 by a Hindu gay activist who told them, “I would like you to come to Trivandrum, Kerala. If you come to Trivandrum, I will arrange a meeting where you can tell your story to several different activists…” The meeting included gay activists, human rights activists, a gender studies’ professor and straight Christian allies for sexual minority issues. [Read Full Story]

    Photo by Emily Taylor, Abington Journal


    New Southern Baptist Curriculum Bashes Gays

    By Candace Chellew-Hodge, Religion Dispatches Magazine - November 8, 2011

    As a Southern Baptist child I was taught that homosexuality was wrong. That lesson did not come from fiery anti-gay sermons from the pulpit. No one ever quoted any scriptures to prove it, and it was never, ever mentioned in Sunday School lessons. Instead, it just seemed to be common knowledge. Oh, for the good old days when the gays weren’t so uppity and open.

    Today, teenagers in many Southern Baptist churches are hearing about homosexuality through a cirriculum called “Known.” The scope of the curriculum—produced by the SBC’s publishing arm LifeWay—includes the usual subjects: Bible study, prayer, Jesus, peer pressure, and self-image. One module, however, stands out for its sheer nastiness. The module on homosexuality (contained in the Insights, Options, Bonus section of Known 13) reads like something that could have been produced by the Family Research Council or Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. That is to say, it’s completely hateful. [Read Full Story]