Pastor couple aims to create dialogue on homosexuality in conservative churches
Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at 06:17PM
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By Joan Mead-Matsui, Abington Journal - November 16, 2011

SCRANTON- Their travels have taken them around the world to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Uganda, Kenya, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico and India, where they visited churches or groups of fellowship of evangelical gay Christians.

Rev. Stephen R. Parelli and Jose Enrique Ortiz, a Baptist pastor couple from the Bronx, were first invited to India for the summer of 2010 by a Hindu gay activist who told them, “I would like you to come to Trivandrum, Kerala. If you come to Trivandrum, I will arrange a meeting where you can tell your story to several different activists…” The meeting included gay activists, human rights activists, a gender studies’ professor and straight Christian allies for sexual minority issues. [Read Full Story]

Photo by Emily Taylor, Abington Journal

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