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    Vatican newspaper compares marriage equality to communism 

    By Alessandro Speciale, Religion News Service/Washington Post - December 23, 2012

    VATICAN CITY — Faced with recent setbacks in the United States and in Europe, the Catholic Church has intensified its increasingly uphill battle against gay marriage.

    The latest salvo came with a front-page article in the Vatican’s semiofficial newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano.

    Historian Lucetta Scaraffia compared proponents of gay marriage, with their championing of “marriage equality,” to 20th-century communists who wooed millions with their promise of perfect social and economical equality. [Read Full Story]


    Vatican digs in after gay marriage advances in US, Europe; asks sarcastically why not polygamy

    By Associated Press - November 9, 2012

    VATICAN CITY — The Vatican is digging in after gay marriage initiatives scored big wins this week in the U.S. and Europe, vowing to never stop insisting that marriage can only be between a man and a woman.

    In a front-page article in Saturday’s Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, the Holy See sought to frame itself as the lone voice of courage in opposing initiatives to give same-sex couples legal recognition. In a separate Vatican Radio editorial, the pope’s spokesman asked sarcastically why gay marriage proponents don’t now push for legal recognition for polygamous couples as well. [Read Full Story]

    Photo by Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images


    Mons. Raúl Vera López: A Bishop Stands Up for Gay Catholics

    By Javier Flores, Iglesia Descalza - July 24, 2011

    Raúl Vera López, the bishop of Saltillo, has reported receiving a "letter" from the Vatican in which he has been asked to clarify the work he has done on behalf of human dignity among vulnerable groups of society, specifically the lesbian and gay community of Saltillo.

    Vera Lopez stressed that he is in the process of answering the questions the Holy See has asked him, in order to provide details about the work done by the Diocese of Saltillo with the gay community, focused on valuing the dignity of those who belong to this sector of the population. [Read Full Story]