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    Notre Dame's bold LGBT step deserves applause

    By National Catholic Reporter - December 20, 2012

    The University of Notre Dame’s decision to “establish a new support and service student organization for [gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning] students and their allies” is a decision to applaud. According to the university, the organization, founded with the approval of the local bishop, “will produce activities consistent with Notre Dame’s Catholic allegiance and commitments.” The university will also hire a full-time staff member to oversee awareness and education programs for all students regarding the LGBTQ community.

    In making its announcement, Notre Dame did not prescind from or contradict a single teaching of the church. Indeed, what is most noteworthy about the announcement is that it properly recognized that it is not contrary to Catholic teaching to engage in pastoral ministry to any group or to teach and promote tolerance, love and respect for the dignity of every individual. [Read Full Story]


    Marriage equality campaigns: The difference faith makes

    By Sharon Groves, The Washington Post - November 20, 2012

    “You will know them by their fruits” Matthew 7:16

    The coming weeks will provide ample opportunity for minute, precinct-by-precinct analysis of how marriage equality advocates secured victory on ballot measures in Maryland, Minnesota, Maine and Washington. We’ll all learn more about inroads made in unlikely communities—African American Protestants in Prince George’s County, Maryland or rural Franco-American Catholic communities like Biddeford, Maine, to name a few. [Read Full Story]


    Matthew Vines talks the Bible, homosexuality and same-sex marriage

    By Brittany Clampitt, Political Fiber - October 22, 2012

    With a goal to reform the Christian Church, Matthew Vines argues that the Bible does not condemn same-sex relationships. Vines, a gay Christian, took a leave of absence from his studies at Harvard University and returned to his hometown of Wichita to study the Bible and homosexuality.

    In March 2012, he delivered his conclusions in a speech at College Hill United Methodist Church in Wichita in which he methodically addressed the six passages in the Bible commonly used to condemn homosexuality. The speech was posted in a video on YouTube and has received mixed responses. Syndicated columnist for The Miami Herald and Pulitzer Prize winner Leonard Pitts Jr. called it "a masterwork of scriptural exegesis." On the other hand,  James White, director of the Alpha and Omega Ministries in Phoenix, refuted Vines’ arguments in a series of podcasts, taking issue with such topics as Vines’ definition of love. Vines’ video has been viewed more than 400,000 times. [Read Full Story]


    Most U.S. Catholics Back Marriage Equality, But Knights of Columbus Pour Millions into Opposition

    By Peter Montgomery, Religion Dispatches - October 18, 2012

    Quick, what organization was founded to support justice for immigrants, boasts nearly two million (all-male) members, and loves a good parade? The Knights of Columbus still support immigrants’ rights, but those sober-faced men marching down Main Street in full parade regalia are also part of an organization that was the single largest donor in support of California’s Proposition 8. 

    This venerable fraternal order has taken up the anti-equality baton in a big, flamboyant way. [Read Full Story]


    How Many Transgenders Have to Die Before the Black Church Gets Involved?

    By Jamall Calloway, Urban Cusp - October 13, 2012

    The Black Church (the collective term used for various African American Protestant denominations) is an inherently prophetic institution. Since its inception, it has served as a site of strategizing for ameliorating the unjust conditions of American society. Even to now, it’s a place where Protestants congregate and hold various discourses regarding economic inequalities, healthcare reform and recent hate crimes against black male bodies.

    On one hand, the Black Church’s strong voice is notorious for bemoaning the rampant injustices in this nation. On the other hand, its soft voice is known for lamenting the harmful effects that prevalent injustices engender. But there’s something missing in the Black Church discourses concerning injustice and unjust conditions. There’s an area where the Black Church’s voices and lamentations are needed: trans-phobic hate crimes. [Read Full Story]