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    Could gay marriage debate drive young Christians from church?

    By Becky Bratu, - July 2, 2012

    As the battle over gay marriage heats up in this election year, one evangelical Christian writer is calling for a truce, fearing that the outspoken opposition to gay marriage among some church leaders could alienate an entire generation of religious youth.

    “Evangelicals have been so submitted to these culture wars for so long, so that’s hard to give up,” evangelical writer and speaker Rachel Held Evans, 31, told But “the majority of young Christians really, really, really want to stop with the political emphasis.” [Read Full Story]


    Marriage Equality: LGBT Religious Leaders Speak Out On The Spiritual Value Of Gay Marriage

    Huffington Post - June 22, 2012

    The debate over the rights of same sex couples to marry most often uses the legal language of equal rights. Religious voices, when they included, are largely culled from the conservative corner. However, for these LGBT religious leaders below, the question of marriage is not purely legal, but rather spiritual and religious.

    The following essays by religious leaders offer spiritual perspectives on the importance of marriage equality. Some of them are married themselves and have poignant personal stories to tell of how love and spirituality have joined in their lives. [Read Full Story]

    Photo by Gigi Kaeser 


    Catholicism's Fortnight Identity Crisis

    By Joseph Amodeo, Huffington Post - June 22, 2012

    Yesterday, across the United States, Catholic bishops began the Fortnight for Freedom. Initially, the name of this initiative struck me as something that seemed universal and unifying in its focus and effort.

    What could be more important than standing up for individual liberties? However, upon further examination it's quite clear that this initiative is yet another departure from the love that defines the Catholic faith I know. [Read Full Story]


    An Open Letter From Christians to Gay People

    By John Shore - January 10, 2012

    Last night I dreamed that I was standing in the sanctuary of an immense church. Broad beams of light colored like jewelery cut across the air above me, coming to land upon a majestic pulpit. Sensing that something important was in the pulpit, I climbed its many broad stairs to see. Before taking the final step onto that great platform I paused; elevated above the pews is no place for me.

    But where the speaker would rest his papers I saw waiting a sheaf of parchment, upon which there was writing. I stepped up into the pulpit, crossed it, and looked down upon the carefully printed words. [Read Full Story]


    Is The Church Brainwashing Black Folks Against Homosexuality?

    By Jermaine Terrell Starr, NewsOne - December 6, 2011

    Is the pulpit brain-washing blacks against supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgendered (LGBT) people?

    It depends on who you ask. LGBT advocates have different perspectives on why blacks do not align themselves with gay rights causes. To varying degrees, many LGBT rights advocates say that the church is the singlemost influential factor in black opinion on homosexuality. [Read Full Story]