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    LGBT People In Church: Top 5 Questions Asked By Opponents Of LGBT Inclusion

    By Rev. Dr. Janet Edwards, Huffington Post - September 24, 2011

    In my 30 years as an advocate for God's love for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, I've had countless conversations with those who think differently than me about God, Scripture and the place of the LGBT faithful in the church.

    Throughout these years, I've heard, read and have been asked many of the same questions -- and by a wide variety of people. Today, I share with you the five questions I most commonly hear, as well as my answers to them. [Read Full Story]


    Once Upon a Gay….

    By Jayson Littman - Heeb Magazine, September 20, 2011

    Many people are surprised when I tell them I voluntarily entered reparative therapy at the age of 21 without pressure from family or religious leaders. I usually respond by telling them that during that time in my life it wasn’t an option between coming out and conversion therapy. It was a choice between conversion therapy and not wanting to live anymore.

    After completing Yeshiva high school and attending three years of black hat Yeshiva in Israel and Brooklyn, I returned to my parents home knowing I had feelings for other men. So I did what any other religious Jewish guy in his early twenties might do-–I called the local matchmaker to let her know I was ready to get married. [Read Full Story]


    Secretly Gay-Affirming Pastors: You Are Not Alone

    By John Shore, - September 9, 2011

    Yesterday I received this email (which I use here by permission):

    Dear John,

    Hi. My name is [deleted]. I am nearly 48-years-old, and am married with two grown children. I am also a Methodist minister in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I have come to believe that I live in a black hole which is unknown to other Christians. [Read Full Story]


    I Love Who I Am

    By Heather McKee, Affirmation: Gay and Lesbian Mormons - August 11, 2011

    I was born and raised in the Mormon faith. I went to church every week, I went to youth group every week, and I read my scriptures and prayed every day. I knew I was going to serve a mission, get married in the temple, and raise a family in the church.

    Nothing was going to stop me from that dream, not even my whole family leaving the church. In fact that gave me the stronger desire to show to the world that I was better than all of them. There was only one thing flawed with my plan, I was Gay. [Read Full Story]


    Love Will Make A Way: The Intersections of Interracial and Same Sex Marriage

    Huffington Post - June 8, 2011

    By The Rev. Dr. Jacqueline J. Lewis

    My parents wrestled with the idea of me marrying my partner. The sanctuary was packed but my father didn't come. Dad was brought up in the Deep South and my husband looked like the people who had practiced the nauseating hatred of Jim Crow in my father's hometown. News of the support of our union, and the tremendous standing ovation the congregation gave us, traveled back to my dad.

    The testimony of the ones he sent -- my mom and my brothers -- was that our love was beloved; this coupling, no matter our race, was a cause of rejoicing. It was the beginning of my dad's change of heart; God and God's people blessed us. He now thinks we are the best couple; the work we do together on racial reconciliation here and in South Africa is some of our most important work. Our unusual pairing is for my dad a sign that we are all beloved of God, no matter who we love, no matter what we do. [Read Full Story]