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    Notre Dame's bold LGBT step deserves applause

    By National Catholic Reporter - December 20, 2012

    The University of Notre Dame’s decision to “establish a new support and service student organization for [gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning] students and their allies” is a decision to applaud. According to the university, the organization, founded with the approval of the local bishop, “will produce activities consistent with Notre Dame’s Catholic allegiance and commitments.” The university will also hire a full-time staff member to oversee awareness and education programs for all students regarding the LGBTQ community.

    In making its announcement, Notre Dame did not prescind from or contradict a single teaching of the church. Indeed, what is most noteworthy about the announcement is that it properly recognized that it is not contrary to Catholic teaching to engage in pastoral ministry to any group or to teach and promote tolerance, love and respect for the dignity of every individual. [Read Full Story]


    Catholicism's Fortnight Identity Crisis

    By Joseph Amodeo, Huffington Post - June 22, 2012

    Yesterday, across the United States, Catholic bishops began the Fortnight for Freedom. Initially, the name of this initiative struck me as something that seemed universal and unifying in its focus and effort.

    What could be more important than standing up for individual liberties? However, upon further examination it's quite clear that this initiative is yet another departure from the love that defines the Catholic faith I know. [Read Full Story]


    My Take: Why good Catholics are challenging church line on homosexuality

    By Patrick Hornbeck, Special to CNN - November 8, 2011

    The Roman Catholic Church has long been a reliable source for one-dimensional storylines: Victims of sexual abuse call for justice. Parishes close as numbers of clergy plummet. Rosary-clad Catholics protest outside abortion clinics.

    Perhaps nowhere has the storyline seemed more clear-cut than with regard to the church’s treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and their relationships.

    Official Catholic teachings describe gay or lesbian orientation as “an objective disorder” and tell those who love their same-sex partners that they possess a “tendency… toward an intrinsic moral evil.” [Read Full Story]