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    Conservative Jewish School Drops Boy Scouts Over Policy on Gays

    By Johanna Ginsberg, New Jersey Jewish News - October 24, 2012

    Golda Och Academy has announced that it will not renew its Boy Scout charter for 2013 because of the national Scouting organization’s policy excluding gay and lesbian adults from leadership positions.

    The Conservative Jewish day school in West Orange is the charter organization for Boy Scout Troop 118, started in 1995, and Boy Scout Pack 118 for younger boys, started a few years earlier. [Read Full Story]



    In black churches, a gay-marriage divide

    By Lornett Turnbull, The Seattle Times - October 23, 2012

    Sounds of gospel music resonated through the sparse sanctuary on a recent Sunday afternoon as voices rose up in praise and a few hands sailed through the air.

    Liberation United Church of Christ in Seattle's Madrona neighborhood is a small congregation with a style of Christian worship not unlike many charismatic black churches.

    But its congregants, many of them African American, come here as much for the spiritual euphoria as for this: that as gays and lesbians, they have felt unwelcome and uncomfortable in the churches of their parents and grandparents. [Read Full Story]

    Photo by Bettina Hansen, The Seattle Times



    N.C. Man Says Church Kept Him Imprisoned for Being Gay 

    By Colleen Curry, ABC News - October 22, 2012

    A North Carolina church that has previously faced allegations of harassment and child abuse is the subject of a new investigation launched after a 22-year-old man claims he was held against his will for being gay.

    Michael Lowry, who began attending Word of Faith Fellowship Church in Spindale, N.C., as a child, filed a complaint with police earlier this year and has met with investigators multiple times over the past week about the allegations, according to police.

    Lowry claims that he was kept in a church dormitory for months in 2011 after telling church members he was gay, according to the Charlotte Observer. [Read Full Story]


    LGBT faith leaders meet in Harlem

    By Charles Gilmore, Jr., GBM News - October 20, 2012

    Harlem, NY – Over 100 faith leaders – including lay people, divinity students and clergy – met last Saturday in Harlem for an inspiring conference convened by LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent. Founded just 3 years ago, the NYC-based organization seeks “to oppose discrimina-tion, exclusion or intimidation of LGBT persons in our society, [especially] in our faith-based communities,” as their mission statement says. [Read Full Story]



    Conservative Christian goes undercover as a gay man

    By Laura Kane, The Star - October 17, 2012

    When Timothy Kurek told his mother he was gay, she wrote in her diary that she would have rather heard she had terminal cancer.

    Most of his Christian friends stopped speaking to him. “Jesus doesn’t love you anymore,” one said. As he sat outside a café in a gay neighbourhood, a stranger yelled “Faggot!” and threw a full two-litre bottle of cola at his head.

    All terrible, painful experiences for a gay man — but Kurek isn’t gay. He’s a straight, conservative Christian from Nashville. [Read Full Story]