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    Televangelist Oral Roberts’ grandson launches ‘gay agenda’ tour


    By Kate Shellnut, - January 27, 2012

    Randy Roberts Potts—whose grandfather Oral Roberts was a pioneering 20th-century televangelist and healer—is now touring the country hoping for his own kind of revival, comforting gay people like him, who have been told by their evangelical communities that they’re destined for hell.

    Potts spoke about coming out as gay in the Roberts family on CNN recently. He lives in Dallas, where he and his fiancé do a performance art piece called “The Gay Agenda,” basically doing boring day-to-day activities like cooking and watching TV together while on display downtown. They’re now taking their show on tour. [Read Full Story]


    Conservative Parents Demand School Teach About Ex-Gay Therapy 

    By Laura Hibbard, Huffington Post - January 25, 2012

    A group of conservative Christian parents are demanding Minnesota's Anoka-Hennepin School District teach "ex-homosexual" therapy and "gay-related-immune deficiency" (or "GRID"), the Twin Cities Daily Planet reports.

    The demands come as the school district is in the middle of changing their "sexual orientation curriculum policy," which students claim produces a "hostile school environment" by banning the discussion of LGBT issues. [Read Full Story]


    Pepperdine University Blocks Formation Of Gay And Lesbian Campus Support Group

    By CBS Los Angeles - January 24, 2012

    MALIBU — Pepperdine University has blocked formation of an official gay and lesbian support group on its Malibu campus.

    School officials say the group’s mission conflicts with the university’s beliefs on sexual morality.

    Four thousand students have signed a petition asking the university to reconsider. [Read Full Story]



    Exodus International president speaks at Gay Christian Conference

    By Steve Blanchard, Watermark - January 18, 2012

    Several hundred LGBT Christians participated in the Gay Christian Network Conference Jan. 6-8 and were surprised to see that Exodus International president Alan Chambers was among those scheduled to speak.

    Exodus International is an “ex-gay” group that teaches gay men and women can reclaim their heterosexuality through therapy and prayer.

    “I honestly trust [GCN leader Justin Lee], and I honestly like him, and I honestly believe that he loves Jesus and that we are brothers in Christ and that we will spend eternity together,” Chambers said in his opening remarks 


    Religious Leaders Debut New Tactic on Marriage

    By Chuck Colbert, Keen News Service - January 17, 2012

    A group of nearly 40 conservative religious leaders released an open letter on Jan. 12 that seeks to reframe the battle over same-sex civil marriage as a threat to their freedom of religion.

    And in a new tactical twist, the signatories say their concern is not that their ministers will be forced to preside at same-sex weddings. Rather, they say allowing gays to wed would end up ''forcing or pressuring both individuals and religious organizations — throughout their operations, well beyond religious ceremonies — to treat same-sex sexual conduct as the moral equivalence of marital sexual conduct.'' [Read Full Story]

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