Swarthmore Christian Fellowship Allied With Controversial Christian Organization
Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 02:31PM
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By Sarah Coe-Odess, The Phoenix - October 11, 2012

When SUNY Buffalo sophomore Steven Jackson was forced to resign as treasurer of his school’s chapter of the Christian organization InterVarsity because of his homosexuality last December, controversy about the organization’s alleged anti-gay stance circulated throughout several universities and colleges. InterVarsity has remained under scrutiny for the past year and several colleges, such as Tufts University and SUNY Buffalo, have ceased funding for their local chapters. InterVarsity has 893 chapters on college campuses nationwide, including the Swarthmore Christian Fellowship (SCF).

SCF, which is sponsored by the college, counts on InterVarsity for structure, leadership and resources and has an InterVarsity liaison for consultation and biblical guidance; in return, it is required to adopt and stand by InterVarsity’s policies and beliefs. In spite of this affiliation, current and former members of SCF maintain that the organization is totally inclusive.“We welcome all, regardless of background or belief, at all our activities, and seek to answer to questions that they may have,” SCF Large Groups Coordinator Josh Satre ’13 said. [Read Full Story]

Photo by Henry Ainley, The Phoenix

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