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    Don Mario Bonfanti, Italian Catholic Priest, Comes Out As Gay On Facebook

    Huffington Post - October 17, 2012

    A Catholic priest is shaking up the Italian media after reportedly coming out on Facebook.

    As Gay Star News is repotorting, Don Mario Bonfanti declared his sexuality on Coming Out Day, Oct. 11.

    Bonfanti is quoted as writing on Facebook, "I am gay. Or, better, I am a happily gay priest."

    He went on to note, "Truth makes us free, so Jesus said. But, strangely, the Church denies this sentence. Catholic LGBT people must come out. They have to accept the truth." [Read Full Story]

    Photo courtesy of Facebook


    Gay pride march banned in Serbia

    By Dusan Stojanovich, Associated Press - October 3, 2012

    BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbia's police on Wednesday banned a Gay Pride march in Belgrade, citing security concerns but also complying with a request from Serbia's Christian Orthodox church.

    Police said they were banning the march planned for Saturday because they feared a repeat of the violence in 2010, when right-wing groups attacked a Gay Pride event in Belgrade. That triggered day-long clashes with the police which left more than 100 people injured. [Read Full Story]



    Orthodox Priest Encourages Violence Against Pride Marchers

    By Peter Montgomery, Religion Dispatches - June 29, 2012

    Tomorrow, Saturday, June 30, a gay pride parade is scheduled to take place in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. International LGBT rights group All Out reports that Father Evgenii Yanakiev, an Orthodox priest, encouraged locals to “throw stones” at the participants and called for politicians who support the march to be “drowned in the sea with millstones tied around their necks.”

    This call for violence is particularly disturbing given the history of the Sofia pride parade. Last year, marchers were attacked and beaten on their way home. In 2008, the first parade was firebombed with Molotov cocktails by members of a far-right party. [Read Full Story]


    Gay Christians hope for church acceptance

    By Georgia Wilkins, The Age - June 29, 2012

    Like four in ten same-sex couples, James Nevein, 49, and David Witte, 50, identify themselves as Christians.

    They are part of a statistic that strikes at the heart of the debate around same-sex marriage, and one that many hope will validate them in the eyes of the church.

    At the 2011 census, Christianity was the number one religion among gay and lesbian couples - with 40 per cent of couples practising the faith compared to 60 per cent of opposite-sex couples. [Read Full Story]

    Photo by Justin McManus 


    Uganda anti-gay bill draws church, donor battle lines

    By Jocelyn Edwards, Reuters - June 28, 2012

    (Reuters) - Peter, 23, used to enjoy hitting Kampala's bars with his boyfriend until a draft bill dubbed "kill the gays" forced him into hiding.


    "I'm so, so afraid. I just live indoors," he says, sitting in the semi-darkness of the cramped two-room dwelling where he has lived since his family and friends turned on him after the bill was introduced in 2009. [Read Full Story]

    Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images Europe