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    Amsterdam chief rabbi suspended 

    By Cnaan Lipshiz, The Jersusalem Post - January 18, 2012

    AMSTERDAM – The Orthodox Jewish community ofAmsterdam suspended its US-born chief rabbi on Tuesday for cosigning a declaration which said homosexuality was a “treatable” inclination.

    Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that he found it “scandalous that a chief rabbi cannot state the Torah viewpoint for his community without being penalized.” [Read Full Story]

    Photo by Baz Ratner, Reuters


    Homosexuals in the Orthodox Community

    By Rabbi Zev Farber, - January 10, 2012

    Few social issues facing the Orthodox Jewish community are as emotionally charged as that of the place of homosexuals, especially the gnawing question of the place of homosexual couples and families in the synagogue and larger community.  Many rabbis are at a loss as to what to suggest to a gay Orthodox Jew who seeks guidance.

    I once suggested the following thought experiment to a colleague: “If, for some reason, it became clear that the Torah forbade you to ever get married or to ever have any satisfying intimate relationship, what would you do?” My own reaction to this question is: although part of me hopes I would be able to follow the dictates of the Torah, I have strong doubts about the possibility of success, and I trust that my friends and colleagues would be supportive of me either way. [Read Full Story]


    Orthodox Rabbis Oppose Gay Marriage

    By Naomi Zeveloff, The Jewish Daily Forward - December 10, 2011

    More than 100 Orthodox rabbis have signed onto a statement in opposition to same sex weddings, saying that gay marriage is a “desecration of Torah values.”

    The statement was a response to a November wedding between two men that was officiated by the Orthodox-ordained rabbi and longtime gay rights activist Steven Greenberg. Hailed as an historic first by the Israeli magazine, +972, news of the wedding made waves among Orthodox rabbis, who claimed that the union could not be considered Orthodox. [Read Full Story]


    Orthodox rabbi marries gay couple in historic wedding in DC

    By Roee Ruttenberg, +972 - November 11, 2011

    For the first time in history, Steve Greenberg, an openly-gay American rabbi ordained by the Orthodox movement, has officiated at a same-sex wedding ceremony.

    On Thursday night at Washington DC’s “Historic 6th and I Synagogue,” Greenberg stood under the chupah, a traditional Jewish wedding canopy, as newlyweds Yoni Bock and Ron Kaplan tied the knot before some two-hundred guests. Recognizing the unique – and controversial – moment, Greenberg’s voice notably cracked when near the end he stated, “By the power invested in me by the District of Columbia, I now pronounce you married.” [Read Full Story]




    Areleh Harel: The Orthodox Rabbi Helping Gay Men Marry Lesbians  

    By Cindy E. Rodriguez, Time - August 16, 2011

    Six years ago, Areleh Harel, an Orthodox rabbi from the West Bank, devised a plan to help an Orthodox Jewish gay man fulfill his dream of becoming a husband and father while keeping him in good standing with Jewish law and his community of believers. The solution: marry him to a lesbian.

    Through a friend, Harel found an Orthodox lesbian who also wanted a traditional family. Within a year, the couple married. They now have two children. No one suspects they are gay. Since that first arrangement, Harel has matched 13 gay-lesbian couples. [Read Full Story]