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    Entries in Same-Sex Marriage (2)


    A Jewish perspective on same-sex marriage

    By Jonathan Romain, The Independent - October 9, 2012

    From a Jewish perspective, it is hard to see why anyone religious can be against same-sex marriage without being accused of acute hypocrisy.

    Christians might quote the Bible and the verse in Leviticus 18.22 which declares ‘You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; it is an abomination’ or go a few chapters on where it is not only repeated, but in even stronger terms, and the death penalty is laid down for all practitioners (20.13).

    However, despite those who piously cite Scripture, they have no problem ignoring other verses in the same sacred book. For instance, about circumcising their male children, abstaining from pork or prawns, and not wearing garments in which wool & linen is mixed. [Read Full Story]



    Minn. Rabbinical Group Opposes Ban On Same-Sex 

    By The New York Jewis Week - February 9, 2012

    Members of the Minnesota Rabbinical Association have signed a statement opposing a state ballot initiative that would ban same-sex marriages.

    The group represents rabbis from 15 congregations in the state from the Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist movements. No Orthodox rabbis signed the statement, which was adopted last month. [Read Full Story]