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    LGBT Post: Queering the Qur’an

    By Michael Muhammad Knight, Bikyamasr - November 15, 2012


    Not a week of my life goes by without me receiving a message from either a gay Muslim seeking reconciliation between faith, heart, and body, or a gay non-Muslim who is considering converting to Islam, but wonders whether Islam can ever allow a place for him or her. There are a few approaches that one could take to answer these questions, and I’m not really qualified to employ any of them, but here we go. [Read Full Story]

    Photo by Benson Kua



    Being Gay in the Muslim World

    By Monica Tan, Daily Life - November 9, 2012

    "I'm not drinking tonight," says Shabura. The 24-year-old Indonesian make-up artist takes a seductive drag of his cigarette. He is svelte and cute, with floppy hair like Leonardo DiCaprio during his teen heartthrob days.

    Like 88% of his fellow 240 million countrymen, Shabura is Muslim. And today is Friday, the traditional day of rest and prayer for Muslims. But Shabura's reason for taking a break is a little more prosaic. "I've been partying for six nights in a row and I'm exhausted!" he grins. [Read Full Story]